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Welcome to Technolab

Technolab is your most experienced partner when it comes to taking care of clean air, safe (drinking) water and a healthy working environment.

Because of stricter laws and regulations and due to liability becoming increasingly important, nowadays, building & facility managers, installation & consultancy companies and office employees attach great importance to a clean indoor environment and technical installations that are in good working order. Besides tenants and employees, other building and facility users all expect that their working space is clean; that they enjoy clean drinking water facilities free of legionella and that the technical installations work smoothly. While maintaining an indoor climate that is within the applicable guidelines, office spaces should be free of bacterial or chemical pollutants.

In order to create a healthy working environment for all, it is important to regularly inspect building installations, drinking water pipes, shower rooms, air ducts, working spaces and possible sensitive environments. If after an inspection problems were identified, you surely would like to have these solved by a reliable, professional and objective partner.

Nice to meet you: we are Technolab.

Our core business

Backflow valve inspection
Risk analysis / management plan
Chemical research
Microbiological research
Chemical cleaning
Prtable water quality research


Air quality
Chemical research
Microbiological research
Thermal comfort
Endoscopic research
Disinfection or airsystems
Particulare matter research


Dust research
Particulate Matter Research,
Sediment Research
Fiber Research
Water Drainage
Technical Installations


This is how Technolab works

We think it is important to tackle every research in the same professional way. That’s why Technolab works with a fixed and clear working procedure. The results of every research are translated to and written down in a clear report with a comprehensive conclusion. All our reports include an advice in clear-cut language.

You can use Technolab’s tailor made and professional advice to create and guarantee a healthy indoor environment for your employees, management board or tenants.

Technolab‘s Step-by-Step Plan

  1. Make a tailor made proposal;
  2. Approval and start of research;
  3. Sample taking by one of our professional staff;
  4. Analysis of samples;
  5. Clear report on findings, including conclusions and advice;
  6. If required, explanation by project manager;
  7. Aftercare and follow-up.

our short company video and find out what we can do for you.

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