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Air Research

Healthy air is vital. That’s why the quality and safety of air is Technolab’s priority. We specialize obtaining the best results, by means of research, checking, maintaining and resolving. Obviously, attention is paid to the quality, effectiveness and safety of all research. Technolab samples and analyzes according to the latest applicable standards and / or guidelines. The specialists at Technolab have a lot of experience with the dissolution of contaminants, either by means of thermal disinfection, chemical disinfection or alternative disinfection methods.

Usually, (health) complaints are the reason for an incidental investigation. Common complaints include allergic reactions, headache, dizziness, fatigue, burning eyes, abdominal pain, dry skin, sore throat and airway irritations. In order to refresh the air inside buildings, an air treatment system is usually used. In addition to the many advantages that such a system offers, it can also be a source of microorganisms, given the often-ideal climate that prevails inside the system. Too many microorganisms cannot only lead to the above-mentioned complaints, but also to many others.

If needed, Technolab can further assist you with internal and external reporting and communication. Furthermore, we can support you in following the right procedures, such as registering an infection to the right authorities. Technolab is also happy to assist you with carrying out a risk analysis and drawing up a management plan.

Chemical / Physical Research

During chemical air research, Technolab can determine air related problems in workspaces. In order to do this, it is important to measure one or more chemical and or physical parameters. Fibers and dust particulates in the air can be determined by sucking up air with a professional data logger (a small pump). This air passes a filter in the logger that for long periods of time measures CO2, relative air humidity and temperature.

Microbiological Research

Microbiological research gives insight in the amount and types of bacteria, fungi and yeasts that can cause health problems. During this type of research we take air samples with validated and professional air sample machines. Furthermore, we can take so-called surface contact samples (RODAC or Replicate Organism Direct Agar Contact) in air handling units and / or air ducts and workspaces.

During chemical air research Technolab focuses on

Polycyclic Aromatic Hydro Carbons
Fiber Determination and / or Fiber Counts
Dust Characterization
Relative Air Humidity
Specific Components and / or Gasses
Amines / Nitro Amines / Aldehydes
CO and CO2 values
Components for Occupational Hygienic Research

With microbiological air research Technolab focuses on

Total aerobic bacterial count

Total amount of bacteria

Total amount of fungi 

Determination of various pathogenic kinds

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