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Water Research

Water is of vital importance to all of us. That’s why at Technolab the quality and safety of water has our priority. We are specialized in obtaining the best possible results with every research, during checks and balances, maintenance and when solving problems. It goes without saying that great attention is paid to the quality, effectiveness, and safety of the research Technolab does. We take samples and analyze according to the latest applicable standards and / or guidelines. The specialists at Technolab have years of experience with the dissolution of containments, whether this is by means of thermal or chemical disinfection or other applicable alternative disinfection methods.

If desired, Technolab can further assist you with internal and external reporting and communication. Besides we can support you in following the right procedures, such as registering an infection to the right authorities. Technolab is also happy to assist you with carrying out a risk analysis and drawing up a management plan.

Chemical – Technical Water Research 

With chemical water research Technolab informs you of the state of a drinking water system or technical installations. The occurrence of increased corrosion in a central heating installation or cooled water system for example, indicates that the system or installation is contaminated. Through thorough research we efficiently identify what the current status is of said system or installation and whether intervention is necessary or advisable.

It is possible that a water installation does not function optimally. Often these installations are technically advanced, so that the chemical composition of the water has become crucial for the proper functioning of the installation in question.

Pollution caused by lime scale, magnetite and other specific components for example is risky. Over time, the development of these specific contaminations and deposits can lead to problems with the installation. The functioning of the system or installation subsequently deteriorates. Often damage and loss of efficiency occur.

Microbiological Water Research 

Microbiological water research gives the client insight into what kind of microorganisms occur in the systems studied and in what quantities. A well-known example is legionella research. Legionella bacteria live in small numbers in the soil and in (drinking) water. Especially in water with temperatures between 20 and 50 degrees Celsius, in still standing water (in water pipes that are not used regularly), if there is a so-called biofilm (layer of slime) or if there are nutrients such as iron in the water system, these bacteria pose a problem when they grow to large numbers.

The legionella bacteria can cause serious pneumonia, also called the Legionnaires Disease. Contamination takes place by inhaling the bacteria via very small droplets of water (aerosols). The mist in your bathroom when taking a shower is a good example of aerosols.

In the Netherlands alone, hundreds of people contract the Legionnaires Disease annually and a few dozen of these infected people eventually die from it.

During chemical water research Technolab determines

PH-values – Iron Contents

Turbidity – Color Measurement

Sediment Volume – Calcium

Conductivity – Hardness

Magnesium – Chloride

Glycol Determination – Lime Scale

With microbiological water research Technolab determines

Germ Count at 22 degrees Celsius – Germ count at 36 degrees Celsius

Legionella Species – E-Coli

Enterococcus – Bacteria Coli Group at 37 degrees Celsius



Sulphite Reducing Closttridia

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