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Everything you need to know about Technolab

Technolab is specialized in researching climatological installations, workspaces and indoor environments. With more than 20 years of experience, we are currently one of the biggest and most professionalized companies on the Dutch market in the field of safe and clean air and water. The quality of Technolab’s work can be measured against officially obtained certificates and various quality marks. Technolab meets all highest Dutch standards and requirements.

The quality of our work is also greatly determined by the people that work for us. Our staff is professionally trained, have years of experience and can help you make the right decisions. Our team of experts answers your questions timely and reacts to any special wishes you might have. Technolab’s qualified employees consider quality and cooperation to be of paramount importance. You are not only our client, but also our partner.

Throughout the years, Technolab has gained a great deal of knowledge and achieved many successes. Because of this, we can offer and/or implement smart, sustainable and high quality solutions. Yet, Technolab does not dwell on its successes for long. In the years to come, we look forward to further deepen and develop clear and innovative techniques. This ensures that our clients are assured of solid and high-end research and advice, all at the best possible rates.



With many year of experience in the field, all relevant certifications, motivated and involved staff, Technolab raises expertise and quality to a higher level.


In addition to standard solutions, Technolab strives for the best conditions by offering a variety of customized solutions. It are these tailor made solutions that guarantee quality. 


Technolab likes to work with you in an efficient and flexible way. By doing so, you experience as little hindrance as possible during the research work and we deliver the results in a fast manner.

Competitive Prices

Technolab’s expert solutions, smart ideas, together with our competitive prices, create long-term cooperation and collaboration which we cherish every day.

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